Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Express Yourself App

The Express Yourself Pumping Assistant is designed to facilitate easier breast pumping and better production when a mother is away from her child. Studies have shown that when a mother is reminded of her child while expressing milk, letdown is easier, and volume can be increased.

This app will let you set up a slideshow of photographs of your baby and record loop-able audio clips of feeding, crying, and laughing that will help let your mind think that your child is present while you are pumping. It also contains a useful tracking tab that will let you track your pumping output, and a reminder tab that will tell you when it's time to pump again, even when the app is not running.

I wrote this app for my wife when our daughter was born because she was worried about going back to work and being able to pump enough to feed our little one. Hopefully it can help bring the same peace of mind to someone out there as it did for our family.

For support please contact expressyourself@sgran.net